A modern approach to classic beautyexperience expertise and attentive patient careAchieving beautiful natural results is our speciality

A modern approach to classic beauty


experience expertise and attentive patient care


Achieving beautiful natural results is our speciality


   EYEBROW LIFTING WITH PDO THREADS(WITHOUT SURGERY) Well arched eyebrows look very attractive whereas straight eyebrows look unattractive, give tired and aged look. Some people naturally have straight eyebrows and in some people with age the eyebrows start drooping and also cause hooded eyes. Now, it’s possible to get lifted and well arched eyebrows without […]

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GET FAIR AND GLOWING SKIN  THROUGH GLUTATHIONE SKIN WHITENING INJECTIONS SKIN WHITENING INJECTIONS MAIN INGREDIENT IS GLUTATIONE… WHAT IS GLUTATHIONE AND WHY IS IT NECESSARY TO KEEP US HEALTHY Glutathione is a combination of three proteins or amino acids − and it is produced naturally in the body. It is called “the master antioxidant”. It […]

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      RESHAPE,REDEFINE, RESIZE NOSE WITH NOSE SURGERY(RHINOPLASTY/NOSE JOB) Are you unhappy with your nose size or shape and how it impacts your entire facial appearance? If so, you may wish to alter your nose through a Rhinoplasty surgery. The nose is such a central feature of your face, that when you alter the nose alone through a Rhinoplasty surgery, you […]

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                      LIP SIZE REDUCTION   Facial features combine to the give the appearance an aesthetic appeal. When one area is out of proportion, a look will be unbalanced. The lips are considered the most sensual part of the body; when overly big, they can take […]

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