Electric Muscle Stimulation

  • Electric Muscle Stimulation trains your muscles in a way that traditional workouts alone can’t.

  • A “best-kept secret” that many elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts use to enhance their workouts and training programs.M.S. has been used for decades by Professional Athletes eg: Lee Haney, (bodybuilder) Bruce Lee, martial arts( as seen in film Dragon portrayed by Jason Scott Lee) Mohammad Ali, boxer, used E.M.S. for strengthening his abdominal muscles, sprinter, Angela Taylor, one of the fastest girls in the world used E.M.S. in training.

  • This represents a tremendous breakthrough with athletes who have already been working to achieve high strength levels.
  • Our Personal Body Enhancers have been designed for use by both men and women.

  • Electric muscle stimulation (EMS), is delivered through a small device that sends electronic pulses to your nerve fibers in order to create involuntary muscle contractions.

  • Our E.M.S. units deliver a gentle impulse to your muscles via a soft rubber pad. Your muscles respond to this impulse by contracting and relaxing rhythmically as they would during regular physical exercise.

  • Your muscles are worked without putting stress on your joints, knees, lower back, neck or shoulders etc.

  • These user-friendly units take the hard work out of exercise, still allowing you to a firm, tone, build up muscle and trim off those unwanted extra inches.

  • You can do a complete body workout or you can just work on those problem areas (abdominals, love handles, thighs, buttocks etc.) You can accomplish all of this while reading, watching television or surfing the net.

  • Training 8 major muscle group i.e legs, gluteus, lower back, upper back, middle back, chest, abdominal and arms at the same time the number of calories you burn will be more.

  • If  EMS is done on regular basis, it helps to reduce excess body fat, gain muscle and thereby increasing body’s metabolism. .

  • This strengthens the core muscles and thereby help in building body mass with proper toning of the body.

  • So we get a proper sculpted, In-shape body.

  • Your normal workouts activate as many as 30% of your muscle fibers. But when you add electric muscle stimulation to your training, you maximize your muscular effort by reaching up to 100% of your muscle fibers.

  • That means maximum efficiency with maximum results.

Why is the EMS training much more effective the conventional work out or weight training?

The EMS full-body workout activates over 90% of the muscles fibers at the same time during each contraction!

As opposed to conventional weight training, deeper muscles are demanded, as well.

Therefore, the training produces an effect much more rapidly and effectively than conventional weight training.

The training effect with ems training can be up 18 times better than with conventional weight training.


Can I lose weight with EMS?

Yes. In the first phase of the training, you will lose inches and in the second phase, fat depots are attacked. You will also burn more calories in everyday life because of the increased muscle activity, which means that the energy consumption increases.

Thus, the training success is amplified and in addition, girth and weight are reduced.

How much time can I save with EMS?

Only one 20-minute training session is equal to 3 hours of work out in gym so u save a lot of time and energy.

When can I see results?

Girth loss, power increase and improvement of your skin’s appearance will permanently be visible within four weeks.

Is E.M.S. good for post pregnancy?

Yes. E.M.S. is specifically designed to tighten and tone slack muscles (post natal bulges). CAUTION: Do not start treatments for approximately 6 weeks after delivery.

I have been dieting, will E.M.S. help me?

Yes. E.M.S. is ideal to firm and tone your muscles as your body weight is reducing.

I need to reduce my waist line… will E.M.S. help?

Yes. Many shapeless waistlines are blamed on being overweight when the real problem is slack muscle tone.

Poor muscle tone allows the waist line to bulge outward and droop down onto the pelvic girdle.

Vigorous exercise of the abdominal muscles literally pulls the body back into shape, firming up flabbiness and tightening up unsightly bulges.

Will E.M.S. help my hips buttocks and thighs?

Yes. Bulging hips and drooping buttocks can be dramatically improved by E.M.S. exercise of the muscles that control these body areas.

Strong exercise of the long thigh muscles cause them to tighten in and shorten in length, thus pulling the thigh contours back into shape.

Can E.M.S. be used for body building?

Yes. E.M.S. is a valuable tool in body building training and has a positive influence on muscle strength and muscle hypertrophy.

Can this electric current harm my heart?

No. The low-frequency impulse exclusively activates the striated skeletal muscles. Organs and the heart are not reached.

Is stimulation current dangerous?

No. Training or therapy using low-frequency current stimulation is not dangerous. Why? Our muscles work constantly. During this process, small intrinsic electric pulses initiate every movement. During the training with current stimulation, this pulse is simply fortified by the additional pulse from outside. Therefore, the impulse does not seem foreign to the body.

Is E.MS. safe to use?

Yes. E.M.S. is safe to use and has been used by physicians, physiotherapists and chiropractors for decades. In recent years it has become widely used in health clinics for firming and toning muscle.

What are the benefits of Electronic Muscle Stimulation?

The wide range of benefits from EMS training are

  • Weight loss

  • Fat removal

  • Improves  blood circulation

  • Enhanced muscle formation and stimulation

  • Improved mobility and body toning.

  • Increases metabolism

  • Flatten Abs

  • Tighten Buttocks

  • Tone Thighs

  • Reshape Obliques

  • Reshape Body  by Inch Loss

  • Strengthen Back Muscles

Who should avoid Electronic Muscle Stimulation?

  • Heart problem
  • Pacemaker
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Thrombosis
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure.
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Fever, acute, bacterial or viral infections
  • Severe venous or arterial circulatory disorder.
  • Bleeding tendency, haemophilia
  • Abdominal wall injury
  • Tuberculosis
  • Vertigo
  • Abdominal hernia
  • Lactating
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