Male Back Hair Removal

Everyday, men who are frustrated with constantly shaving and waxing back hair are turning to laser hair removal. C&S Clinic is one of the most trusted name in laser hair removal in Delhi.

Clearly, this is our most popular service among our male patients, and it will absolutely change your life. Laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted back hair. Imagine looking forward to taking off your shirt and throwing away your razor, or cancelling all of your waxing appointments. At C&S Clinic, our doctors customize the laser settings to treat larger areas when dealing with body hair removal. This sets C&S clinic apart from other treatment centers that are typically only capable of focusing on much smaller spots. Generally a full back hair removal procedure can be done in an hour. It’s a great gift for yourself, and your wife or girlfriend will thank you!


Chest Hair Removal

Some men prefer a very smooth hairless chest appearance, while others just wish to thin some of the unwanted chest hair. Whatever your desired end result, Ideal Image offers the customized service to effectively remove unwanted chest hair. In approximately 30 minutes you will have the look you desire. It is also very common for women to have some stray hairs in this area. For this, and nipple hair removal, C&S Clinic doctors discretely remove these hairs quickly and easily.


Abdominal Hair Removal

Both men and women may experience excessive abdominal hair. C&S Clinic doctors have a quick and easy solution to this little annoyance. Stomach hair removal is fast and simple. Once you’ve completed your treatments, you’ll never have to worry about embarrassing hair again. Instead you will see a smooth, great looking stomach.

Females commonly have what’s known as a “happy trail” which is a line of hair extending from the navel down to the top of the bikini line. Many times this area is combined with the bikini area and treated at the same time.

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