Surgical Nose Job(Rhinoplasty)

  • Are you unhappy with your nose size or shape and how it impacts your entire facial appearance?
  • If so, you may wish to alter your nose through a Rhinoplasty surgery.
  • The nose is such a central feature of your face, that when you alter the nose alone through a Rhinoplasty surgery, you usually change the entire facial appearance.
  • You can often gain a more proportionate, better-shaped nose through a Rhinoplasty surgery procedure.  With a more proportionate, reshaped nose, you may find your social confidence increases by leaps and bounds – and you may no longer fear the camera when someone takes a photo of your side profile.
  • If the nose is in proportion to face it gives an aesthetically pleasing look to the whole face.
  • A Rhinoplasty surgery also is known as Nose reshaping or Nose Surgery.
  • It can change the prominence, size and/or shape of your nose and produce an aesthetically appealing nose which is in proportionate to your facial features.
  • The nose keeps growing until the age of 16, so Nose Surgery is usually performed after this age. A Rhinoplasty is a real art and requires a high level of skill from your surgeon.
  • Even simple hump reduction or a slight change in the nose tip and the nostrils will significantly change not only the nose but complete midface.

Below are TOP SEVEN Common Concerns About Noses that can be resolved through Rhinoplasty Surgery

A nose that is too wide
A nose with a blobby or boxy tip
A nose that is either too long or too short
A nose that is crooked or flat
A nose with a hooked tip
A nose with a dorsal bump (hump)
Notrils that are too big or too visible from the front

Depending upon the extent of work, it is carried out under local and general anesthesia. Usually, an overnight hospital stay is preferred but also done as day care procedure

Complication or side effects of Nose Job

  • A postoperative complication associated with nose surgery is swelling, bruises, discoloration, Nasal Discharge, and pain.

  • Most of these complications are temporary and disappear within a couple of days.

Recovery after Nose Reshaping  

  • In the postoperative period, you will have a pack in the nose and dressing will be applied over the nose.

  • You may feel blockage of the nose because of the pack which will be removed after 48 hours.

  • After Rhinoplasty Surgery, initially we allow soft diet and after 24 hours you can take normal diet.

  • The initial pain you experience is not too much and can be very well controlled by painkillers. You may experience bruising and swelling for 7-10 days.You may or may not require off from your job for the similar amount of time.

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